A Tug on the Line: A Two-Tone Colorenga: A Cerenga/Violenga:

by an'ya, Oregon, Hortensia Anderson, New York, and John Wisdom, Florida
(haikulive, 2002)

volcanic ash a blue moon shines on the rockchuck hole 1/a

young hitchhikers pierced navels and lilac hair 2/h

deep sea fishing a baby marlin's tug on the line 3/j

laundry day the violet tip flutters past a blowing sheet 4/a

late night rendezvous her sapphire pendant catches the light 5/h

tardy again a bouquet of irises placed on her desk 6/j

first grade field trip robin eggs for show and tell 7/a

in the cracked china bowl just picked ripe juicy plums 8/h

vandalized store a pair of jeans among the splintered glass 9/j

except for the lavender eye shadow identical twins 10/a

mixing paint for a masterpiece the perfect sky 11/h

office party purple passion splashed on the wall 12/j