Alien Blood

A Verdenga 

Hortensia Anderson (New York)

John Wisdom (Flordia)

an'ya (Oregon)

first  afternoon of their getaway   frozen lime daiquiris   ha

beach wedding   the altar adorned with palm leaves   jw

a dancer steps into her grass skirt   tropical breeze   a

unexpected duet   a guitar fandango with a frog   ha

St/ Patrick's Day   colored beer and floats till morn   jw

at the drive-end movie   mosquitos drinking alien blood   a

dark clouds and algae swirl   across a stagnant pond   ha

sudden storm   a bushel of granny smith apples on the lawn   jw

southern mansion   one young belle in an emerald gown   a

her former suitor with his true self   a Queen snake   ha

iguana burial    the soil colder than it's corpse   jw

a spring-green egg   dyed for the Resurrection basket   a