gray day

smoke from a mill meanders

over the river

(Editor's Choice The Heron's Nest 1:3)

(Reprinted  in The Ohio Haiku Anthology 2020)


first snow

my child's footprints no longer

fit inside of mine

(HM The Robert Spiess Memorial Haiku Award 2006)


one limb at a time

the falcon calls her fledglings

nearer to flight

(The Heron's Nest 1:2)

(Reprinted  in The Ohio Haiku Anthology 2020)


by late evening

the points on a picket fence

lost to snowfall


(Reprinted in The Ohio Haiku Anthology 2020)



farmer's scythe

a harvesting song

in each sweep

(2009 Betty Drevniok Award, Third Place)

(Reprinted in The Ohio Haiku Anthology 2020)


motionless sky

twilit limbs release

a bald eagle


(Published  in pine shade" HSA 2011 Members' Anthology)



cricket sounds 

in every nook

(Third Place Penumbra 2001)

(Published in Tallahassee Writers' Association)


becoming daylight

a fallow deer retraces

its own hoofprints

(Placed in Japanese Contest)


car bumper

the crackle of icicles

in a pee stream

(published in Taboo Haiku)


after its first flight

the young gerfalcon's talons

tighter on my glove 


(Winner British Haiku Society Contest)

(Reprinted in The Loose Thread Red Moon Anthology of English Language Haiku)


valentine's day

the zoo chimpanzees

groom each other

(Published at Sketchbook)

(Reprinted in the 2010 Haiku Society of America's Members' Anthology)


june bugs

under the porchlight

a goodnight kiss

(The Heron's Nest June Issue)

what's fallen I found

the ilk of an autumn leaf

colors my morning

(HM California Urban Forests Council Contest 2020)


from my red-striped bag

an elephant trunk chooses

the biggest peanut


(Winner 2003 Farthest North Haiku Contest, and published in Permafrost University of Alaska Fairbanks, Vol 25)





crossing the river

before me


deep woods

the slow shallow flow 

of a creek

(Published in Ardea)


before you, burning ban, free of spring bulbs, must I too, Christmas wheat, and sidewalk cafe (all published in Fire Pearls, Short Masterpieces of the Heart 2006)


celestial space

geese touching their wings

to the clouds

(ist Place at "In Buddha's Temple Contest, and published at "In Buddha's Temple". 


prairie dust settles

in the mare's swayback-

summer evening

(WC tournament winner, and published in the World Haiku Club Review)


a day of spring

the street musician's cap

fills with rain

(Published in The Road Between Mountains)


washed windows

a place to splatter

the spring rain

fluttering breeze

the moth sticks its legs

through a screen

country kitchen

stray strands of cornsilk

glisten in the sun

bitter cold

the juniper berry parts

the jay's beak

humid afternoon-

flat on our backs in the grass

analyzing clouds

slash burning-

a scarlet tanager hits

a high note

ice moon

an elk touches its tongue

to the salt lick

first spring wash

colors from the sundog

bleed through a cloud

virgin snow

a pine needle enters

point down


the branch of a birch

laden with crows

(all 10 published in The Heron's Nest)



the hawk was here before me

white streaks on grey rocks

(Winner in the 2nd Creating Reality Haiku Competition UK 2004)


a lit cigarette

in the cool night air

falsetto voices

(Published in Crosswinds)


pink twilight

through each flamingo's legs

another flamingo

(Published Midwest Poetry Review, and featured at Poet's Profile)


family reunion

the old wisteria hugs

a whitewashed wall

(editors' pick at Haijinx)


produce box

a banana spider

far from home

(Published prune juice)


summer solstice

the chestnut stallion

out of his sheath

(Published in Frogpond)


cloud portal

a tidal wave moon

in the rising

(kaji 10)


spring woodnote

the sunburned knuckles

on a birdwatcher

(Published in frogpond)


hospital window

the resident bluebird

a picture of health

(kaji 10)


leafless trees

the multi-hued sounds

of walking


(Emerald Arts Gallery Show, Springfield Oregon)


long drought

the scotch tree bough lowers

its needles

skipping along

an empty desert highway-

the tumbleweed

on a hunch

turning on the porchlight-

first snowflakes

(the 3 above published Sketchbook)

red sunset
> an ocean wind sails
> on swift wings

(Haiiku to a graphic by Ed Baker, Notes from the Gean [Web] 19 (May 2013), and (Per Diem by Lynne Jambor, 2021)

the clink of autumn colors
settling in place

((Published in Autumn Moon Haiku Journal, Volume 4:1, Autumn-Winter 2020-2021)

nighttime romp

a jasmine scent comes in

on my black lab

(Frogpond 2021)