Tanka published online in the Mooninkanthology 2020


to our utopian

life at sea

where waVe by waVe old age

is but a rite of passage

opening day

this hush-hush of wee hours

before the crowd

when you and a tranquil

sea are all that matters


aplenty fill the air

each summer

 memories of that first 

sweet flower linger still

I dare let

my heart or soul wander

back in time

it is long since we loVed

and want is unceasing

a drear day

inside my mailbox

dark cold steel

rain seeps through its hole

soaking no letter

daffodil cup

a Viceroy curls dewdrops

up to it's tongue

thist is an unquenched end

that equals your egress

a running

of cormorants across

the riVer

whereVer fate takes us

you lead and I’ll follow

a rock doVe

and its mate roosting

in the cliffs

where cool recesses 

house seaside dwellers

it’s this way

when we come together

hearts pounding

oVer and oVer and …

like waVes upon the sand

while we were

sleeping it came to town

a carniVal

and of likeness are you

the attraction for me


in an estuary

loose petals

swirl after pink swirl

in and out with the tides

musing on

the zenith of night's

autumn moon

again risen in full

to where it belongs

wildflower field

were you near me loVe

this day in spring

surely I would come

with a nosegay courting

as ocean mist

corkscrews into a cloud

come this morning

I who was once alone

am now one with another

the wharf planks

waterlogged by time

and thunderstorms

I breathe in deeply 

their wafting ozone

poplar tree leaVes

from last eVening’s rain

pressed together

was it fate unforeknown

we could neVer liVe apart

the way of