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For this Tanka Origins Premier Edition, I received 231 submissions. Many of them were short mainstream poetry masquerading as tanka and other miscellaneous erzat forms. As stated in the submission guidelines, I’m only looking to publish quality over quantity, therefore I’ve chosen but a select number of those that met or came close to meeting the criteria. For future editions, I've decided to publish no more than 25 stellar tanka, (not on a first come basis), only based on merit.


At Tanka Origins, it’s not about syllable count, it’s about the rhythm. Therefore, there’s a reason that I centered the tanka because not only can the reader hear it, they actually (almost always) are able to visualize that tanka rhythm of short, long, short, long, long. This is one of the main things that separates the tanka genre from short mainstream poetry, and other forms.


Tanka Origins is a different publication, as editor, I've included short commentary, which is always (mho) that may differ from someone else’s, and of course poetry is subjective. In addition, each tanka will be presented twice for readers to contemplate, absorb, and appreciate in depth every piece equally. 

At the close of Tanka Origins, are also included short biographies (in no particular order) so you can get to know the poets.

All rights revert to the authors upon publication, and if your tanka is reprinted anywhere, please cite Tanka Origins as the first place of publication. If you find any errors in Tanka Origins, or like anything you read, feel free to email me tankaanya@gmail.com

The next submission period opens October 15 - November 31st. 

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