United Haiku and Tanka Society

cattails Premier Edition 

September 2014 

Principal Editor's Prelude     



Happy International Tanka Month from the UHTS In addition to my Prelude below, please don't miss the UHTS President's Compass by Michael McClintock in our e-News Bulletin Seedpods edited by b'oki that comes out between cattails editions. If you would like to receive Seedpods in your inbox, please let our UHTS Secretary Carole MacRury know that you would like to become a member. From this editor’s viewpoint, it is an intelligent writer who evolves, yet learns from the source (Japan), and doesn't attempt to reinvent the art form to suit his or her own needs. I am very pleased to be receiving more submissions that reflect this. One important note, when submitting to cattails, please be sure to include your signature and country as you want them to appear. Moreover, we encourage you to include a translation into your native language/type font whenever possible, as we would like “your” countrymen to be able to read “your” cattails – September 2014 Edition work in “your” language, as well as in English. We are most proud to say that the United Haiku and Tanka Society is a National based International Society, with editors who focus on politeness and promptness. No long wait to hear back from us, and helpful suggestions to take or leave. The UHTS membership is free and has already passed 360. With this number of poets each submitting between five to ten pieces for every cattails, the workload is monumental, not only for our editors, but also for our Webmaster. Please report any errata or omissions that may occur in cattails, to PeterB. Due to the large quantity and the quality of submissions, we plan to recruit additional volunteers in the future. Meanwhile, a warm welcome to our new UHTS resident Columnist, Marjorie Buettner, who joins our current resident Essayist, Linda Galloway. Another grateful welcome to our new UHTS resident Proofreader from the United Kingdom, Shrikaanth Krishnanmurthy. On the other hand, a heartfelt thank you as we say goodbye to Editor, Mike Rehling. However, we will continue publishing haibun and senryu, as well as haiku/haiga/ tanka/tankart. Submissions for our January 2015 Edition open on 1 October, 2014. Congratulations to the winners of our first Fleeting Words Tanka Competition and congratulations also to our current Pen this Painting winner. Don’t forget to read about, and submit for our next Samurai Competition for Haibun. All our contests are free to enter. Now for your pleasure, we offer this September edition . . . — cattails Principal Editor an'ya, USA