"green eggs and ham"

a verdenga by

an'ya (Oregon)

J. Marcus Weekley (MIssissippi)

(Published in the Symbiotic Verse: New Forms section of the

Short-verse  Column March 2002 issue of World Haiku Review)

all soul's celebration   the Godfather sews an alligator suit

a ticking clock at the alter   Easter lilies

Las Vegas night   "Time for Love" in lime green neon

on her Sunday hat   octopus arms around the emerald

snuggled in her mother's lap   again she reads Dr. Seuss

wishing well   old pennies and smiling kids

angry mosquito season   his marvel comic worth big bucks!

incredible hulk tattoo   on a nurse's pregnant tummy

airport runway   flames from the Art Arfons' dragster

eating mint-chocolate chip at the broken stoplight

Christmas stocking   gumby twisted into a pretzel shape

the dogwood branch   snapped by a telephone wire