to our utopian

life at sea

where waVe by waVe old age

is but a rite of passage

opening day

this hush-hush of wee hours

before the crowd

when you and a tranquil

sea are all that matters


aplenty fill the air

each summer

 memories of that first 

sweet flower linger still

I dare let

my heart or soul wander

back in time

it is long since we loVed

and want is unceasing

a drear day

inside my mailbox

dark cold steel

rain seeps through its hole

soaking no letter

daffodil cup

a Viceroy curls dewdrops

up to it's tongue

thist is an unquenched end

that equals your egress

a running

of cormorants across

the riVer

whereVer fate takes us

you lead and I’ll follow

a rock doVe

and its mate roosting

in the cliffs

where cool recesses 

house seaside dwellers

it’s this way

when we come together

hearts pounding

oVer and oVer and …

like waVes upon the sand

while we were

sleeping it came to town

a carniVal

and of likeness are you

the attraction for me


in an estuary

loose petals

swirl after pink swirl

in and out with the tides

musing on

the zenith of night's

autumn moon

again risen in full

to where it belongs

wildflower field

were you near me loVe

this day in spring

surely I would come

with a nosegay courting

as ocean mist

corkscrews into a cloud

come this morning

I who was once alone

am now one with another

the wharf planks

waterlogged by time

and thunderstorms

I breathe in deeply 

their wafting ozone

poplar tree leaVes

from last eVening’s rain

pressed together

was it fate unforeknown

we could neVer liVe apart

the way of
cherry petals
in her hair

a warm wind caught 

my heart off guard

upon this shore

and back out at the time

of our parting

though not by any waVe

will want be swept away

in that time gap

when seasons oVerlap

meet me loVe

while frog riVets dwindle

and cricket song flourishes

being alone

doesn’t bother me

for I am not

cliff swallows are back

and gathering mud

ebbing tide

you are me I am you

on the beach

grains of sand close together

swept out to sea and parted

when the time comes

 I am an open book

only your name

will be carVed on my heart

as in life it too has been

aboVe me

stars quiVer in the sky

this eVening late

haVe meteor showers

shot into a Vast-spread sea

the mirroring

of flat-bottom clouds

all is seamless

until a sea lion’s

flipper breaks the surface

from the beginning

we'Ve traVeled this uniVerse

rainbow by rainbow

kindred spirits to the end

of life's parti-colored path

what of today

this newcomer the gulls

all squawk about

a charcoal-gray sea lion

naVigating the harbor

sounds of childhood

you come back to me now

in seagull cries

and painted glass windchimes

imported from japan

after sipping

nectar from the source

a swallowtail

flutters its black wings

yellow with pollen

aroused by

an undulant ocean

in the night

what more can we hope for

than the same come morning


an easy dock line

cliff swallows

that often take leaVe

to drink of the riVer


an underwater quake

rocks our world

what seems like this endless

swing to the boat's windchime

if I were

of a brilliant color


might it always be me 

you choose to light upon

neVer alone

eVen though in the flesh

you are absent

for your spirit's not lost

it’s where a seabird flies

killdeer tracks

and mudflat ruts lost

at high tide

a herringbone cloud

combs its reflection

it’s late april

and still rain just sprinkles

was I enough

to bring you back in may

with a bouquet of flowers

with snow melt

the flow of a terraced


loVe too is taking me

on an equal joyride

heaVy spring dew

soaking the cactus blossoms

in this desert

a red night sky makes me yearn

for sea leVel sunrises

a flotilla

of gulls fighting fierce wind

and Violent waVes

it’s an angry ocean

that loVe must neVer suffer


remembering well  

how you felt

the warmth of beach sand

pressed against my skin

with the spring

are they who'Ve traVeled back


cliff swallows building nests

of feathers mud and spittle

making its way 
through an ocean fog bank
the Vernal sun
we wait for that moment
of gratification

my good fortune

and source of happiness

under the pier

with its legs set apart

there stands a sandhill crane

waiting for you

eVen in a tempest

is about loVe

and anticipation

weighs greater than the fear

with three leaVes

cupping three-petalled blooms


the hillside came aliVe

and spring is eXpotential 

at slack tide

this eVening ocean

runs slowly

until the moon turns

and picks up its pace

looking up

into rain is to feel

its purpose

as april has arriVed

to wet all things dusty

O honey moon

what sweet words must I pen

to help you rise

as high as a crane soars

in the himalayas

we welcome

the coolness that is

a sea breeze

on this muggy eVening

our sensuous encounter

a spiral path

in an april sky

the milky way

if only I could   

walk on stars to reach you


the long legs of a great

blue heron

Vanishing as sunglow

bursts through cobwebby clouds

Easter Sunday

raVensong predicting

mythical tides

before eVentide falls

we glide into our boat slip


should waVes come

crashing into our liVes

we’ll ride them out

loVe is but a sailing ship

upon the stormy ocean




pregnant clouds

flood my heart with enVy 

must we part

how jealous will I be

of raindrops that may touch you


at first blush

as free as a seabird

on spring wind

without you it will be

an unmemorable flight




wisps of wind

the russian poppies

kiss and part

until next time how will

we make it each day through



come with me

to the end of the dock

eVery time

a spring tide is rising

we shan’t journey alone


a spring downpour

eVen soaked to the bone

I’ll come to you

whateVer it takes to coax

open the sleeping flowers 



the marina wharf 

at neap tide

a moat pools around

the nesting sandhill



you may be there’s always

a treasure

to walk along this beach

barefooted beside you

the ground rolling

and bouncing with hailstones

on our journey

can still it be springtime  

keeping us a world apart   

a day of warmth

butterfly and bee share

the same blossom

you almost picked for me

serVes a higher purpose

spring sunrise  

but pendent dewdrops 

won't let go

as yet this moment

neither haVe you left me

late march wind

what will it take to quell

your wild ways

O lioness of march

who keeps the gulls grounded

falling in loVe

and ocean fresh air  

you felt it too

the morning after

an eVening of rain

head in the clouds

heart at sea level

feet on the dock

for my daily walk

a migration of seals

people aside

for yet another day

in mid-spring

'tis rain impresses me

and creatures of the sea


atop barnacle

piled high

oVer the seaport

towering cumulus


between random drops

of spring rain

how many must it take

to share my umbrella

come ashore

with much gusto a spring

sneaker wave

as it slides back out

is swallowed by the sea

like offshore wind 

nothing else matters

but to feel you

for the time being

no past no future

just the cure

for melancholy

a march day

blue sky between clouds

and wind-tousled hair


made of teardrops

the concentric circles

around my heart

without you all rain falls

into a lonely pond




in the end

where sea breezes send you

I will watch

for thousands of years

a red-crown crane aboVe me




onto the beach casted

a treasure

two sides to this clamshell

as perfectly matched are we




the tempo moVes

up and moVes down the scales

it’s a long rain

until lastly night giVes in 

to stretches of quietus

the fragile Veins

in a leaf skeleton

torn asunder

oVer time by the ways

and wiles of mother nature


of winter’s wrath

its storms Via tides amassed

riVer timber

that came sluicing but the sea   

has only just to swallow


clouds bubble

oVer the ocean


of clouds that bubble

oVer the ocean


what has been

the month of february

in and out

be it wild wind or soft breeze

march blows you nearer to me

a blueness

coming through the clouds

on this night

my melancholy

Vanquished by moonrise

Vernal sun

finds my eyelashes

through sea fog

the arch of a seal

is loVing it too

leaVing this earth

as one creature what will

become of me

a rogue waVe sweeps ashore

and tidepools fill anew

the rush

of that awe-of-nature


I’Ve but to recollect

a bottlenose dolphin

liVe and loVe

for eVery moment


is as fleeting as

seawater bubbles