in bright sun

old creosote sparkles

on the pilings

barnacle numbers

are multiplying


in the port

a month of august fog


our fling to last this long

is surely something more


a word picture

in brackish waters

simply written

eelgrasses curling

around an egret


leaVe me not

with a silent moon

play me like

musical strings plucked

of nimble fingers


there shines your light

in ambient darkness

neVer before

haVe I felt so knowing

to the ways of a moth


what luck it was

to turn a graceful neck

and stare at me

the crane ere taking flight

on iVory-feathered wings


oh falling star

how fortunate tonight

you pinpoint me

in this whole uniVerse

full of other people


I walked alone

along the Viewing path

until such time

blossom abreast blossom

off cherry branches fell


at an early

hour of morningtide

waVe clouds billow

and I am in awe

all oVer again


at loVe’s crossroads

unsure which way to go

I chose the path

with red-eyed Vireos

that singest of rapture



sunlit seagrass dangles

under the pier

this holiday feeling

with a midsummer flair


of this date

on an outgoing tide

you are gone

I suffer the pathos

known to melancholy


picturesque clouds  

lit by the pale light of 

an ecru moon

and crossing it a great

heron's blue-hued wingspan


actions that speak

rise aboVe the curdle

of loneliness

it's this we must address

haVe we but time enough


haVe I no choice

saddened by your absence

but to break down

like offshore algal blooms

that bring spume to the shore


the hush

of a lone cormorant


the pleasure boat’s wake

churns a placid riVer


majestic skies

a  fragrance of fine wine

in crush season

the harVest yielding

to bare feet sweet juices


into twilight

seagulls kept to the dock

as oft they do

until the final throes

of a dying windstorm



by summer’s nonstop

sea sparkles

from sunlight by day

to starshine by night


far from home

recalling the sure scent

of saltwater

takes me back to the sea

ad infinitum and ...


after the dunes

our shoes are eco-rich

with memories

we pour into an old

apothecary bottle


in a conch shell

held against my good ear

sounds of the sea

while negatiVe noises

I’Ve chosen to ignore


shining through

lace curtains a pineapple

pattern moon

the clack of crochet needles

and late night teleVision


eVening of loVe

and the goddess Venus

blazes brightly

to the left of the orb

of a waning moon


what ocean wind

does to july clouds

you do for me

transporting my core

to a world beyond...


solo at dawn

is there cause for despair

in your absence

O that I might know of

the nightingale’s return


at blue tide

by-the-wind sailors

give me pause

I fast-walk for fitness

but slow down for the soul


back to back

a night's continuum

of snowstorms

but come the dawn we face

each other once again


O to summate

my inspirations

on the riVer

one mother goose leads

six downy goslings


the seaport 

socked in by ashy fog

morning bliss

a column of incense

rises into scent


to speak of

treasures that are free

ocean wind

blows clouds into stripes

and cotton ball shapes


painted lady

I'll neVer cease to loVe

nor forget

the way that you sip

nectar from a thistle



enter the galaxy

july 4th

and after they finish

the beauty of starburst


two egrets

skimming the riVer

neck in neck

were we also close

would a blessing be


sun and sea

a natural state

of being

but an observer

brings me to these words



colors of a rainbow

haloed the moon

at long last was loVe too

not a partial circle


if like currents

that in the sea run deep

we are always

 no chain of eVents

can eVer belay us


in full sun

‘twas serendipity

and brisk wind

that made glitzy ripples

across the riVer sweep


of moonless nights

now spent apart but once

upon a time

together we beheld

jellyfish aglow



a twilit pier

all is quiet saVe

the feathers of

parenting pigeons

who warn don’t come near


summer sun

an outgoing tide

rushes past

all that’s motionless

glistens algae green


as comely

as the flush on soft cheeks

pink twilight

through a flamingo’s legs

another flamingo


on the island

warm tropical breezes

blow in my ear

thus hereafter shall I

long for this sensation


are you lost

it’s been two seasons now

come and gone

hurry dear before snow

closes the mountain pass


gusty wind

an ocean mist wet

our t-shirts  

and a first embrace

tightened eVen more


time and time

again am I drawn  

to your warmth

a migrating bird

in unwearied flight


loVers are we

by a wide riVer


on opposite banks

longing for a boat



how our time has ended

all too quickly

day moVes into the night

I must spend without you


if there were only
some way to capture the fog
in a fancy jar
and leaVe it on your doorstep 
as a token of my loVe



and the euphoria

of summertime

supple lips blow a wish

expressly meant for you


it would be I

in answer to who will

remember you

each time a blowy mist 

 unVeils the turquoise sea


between rocks

under the boardwalk

sea lichen

side by side abloom

loVe takes a close look


lonely a wait

until summer sun drops

into the night

    there’s no moon that rises     

eVer for me without you


time well spent

my nocturnal seabird

for come dawn

did these fingers caress

the computer keyboard


high aboVe

a line of geese fly south

catching up

they come into their V

far on the horizon


  dawnlight silence 

as this is the season

of nightly rain

   arouse me loVe before   

it ceases from falling


feelings of loVe

as endless as the sea

on a clear day

you neVer leaVe my sight

nor in the fog my thoughts


of lost loVe

how well do I know it

once blossomed

in a fleeting moment

you plucked the only rose



of cloud castles we built

don’t let’s wait

for perchance a wind gust

could blow our dreams away



a wedge of great egrets


along the riVerbank

it's a good day indeed


eVen though

we awoke to sea

fog at dawn

with the rise of sun

it’s a june feeling day



ongoing under

the old pier

sun and salt water

make its rafters flicker


an oak leaf

in the stream has fallen

and now you’Ve gone

nothing from this point on

will eVer soothe my sorrow


O soulmate

do I muse upon you

of tender thoughts

soft as a summer cloud

ten thousand times oVer