you, my sunshine
lain with an autumn cloud
too many days
it's time now to break free
for I'm a jealous loVer


just as leaVes

that flutter of a breeze

in my heart

this distinctive feeling

I haVe only for you


if the sun

and moon neVer rose nor

set again

compared to losing you

less sorrow would I know


slushy sand
seaweed pods half-buried
by the sea
pulling back from its shore
waVes trickle through my toes


in migration
be sure and signal me
on arriVal
I’ll moVe up to lead goose
toward you coming home


back to back storms 
I blink away cold rain
that separates
the two of us at odds
and long for cloudless days


will there be
anymore to you
than soft rain
I am want to feel
the sky open up


as tears welled up
in my eyes the rain too
began falling 
on soldier’s names chiseled 
into graVeside granite


restless sleep

it left my dreams of us


how could I not cry out

leaVe me be morning light!


near noVember

soupy fog hiding both

left and right banks

but an indian sunrise

brought forth the riVer’s course


night music
nobody knows about
our secret
only the mockingbirds

sing of what we whisper


indian summer
sun is penetrating
dragonfly wings
as transparent as our
relationship must be

liVing up

to a familiar name


you are the swallowtail 

that sways upon its stem


liquid with stars

an october ocean


a milky way of waVes

washes across the sky


brandt’s cormorants

soar high aboVe the sea

a hundredfold

by dusklight my desire

for you is on the rise


while apart

will we surViVe our

ceaseless grief

languishing day and night

like leaVes without a breeze


on landing

swallowtail wings touch


let there be no space

between us eVer


polar wind
in mid-air the pause
of my pen
waiting for warm words
that will bring you back


sea caVern

beyond its yawning mouth

the unknown

shelter from rainsqualls drew

us into catacombs


of chill nights

and indian summer


together at our end

such is bittersweetness



my soul’s muse 
this october morning
has crept in
I think now of nothing
more beyond the sea fog


not yet is this
a coat day although 
it's october
for through cloud coVer
warm sun still migrates


the good old days

when life was still easy

to contemplate

and cross-legged we sat

in a field of cloVer


what will work

to clear my mind full

of cobwebs

when the spider spins

so prolifically


fraught were we
with passing thoughts
between us
too young for loVe 
too old for friendship



whispered in my ear

all it took

to make the moon rise

this summer eVening



stirring deep inside me

must you leaVe

this early in autumn

birds begin to gather


mother earth

bounces and bounces

with hailstones

while koi pond hoopla

is on the increase


I waVed away a blue


and its darting moment

left me in want for more

autumn port

a heaVy fog curtain

fell early

but by the sun it rose

with theatrical pomp