in total

darkness under the pier

swirls seafoam

around pilings aglow

with lusty-bloomed algae

as this eVening
if such eVenings exist
just for loVers
are we the moonflowers
awake while others sleep

if your eyes
look into mine and not
sure as day becomes night
dearer my joy shall be

piled sky-high
cloud on cloud upon cloud
this sculpture
towering deep into
a fathomless sea

again today
a friend in my garden
praying mantis
the difference eggs make
in her temperament

night after night
longing for spring’s return
and your warmth
that goes unforgotten
in my wintertime dreams

of our rain slickers
on brass hooks

memories of you
hanging next to me

harbor seagulls
not quite afraid of man
remain flightless
yet each time I come close
they keep one step ahead

noVember gale
to leaVe or embrace it
is the question
I choose to hold you close

no matter what the weather

a hailstorm
made the ocean boil
and with this
came into vision
Vapors uprising

ink-black clouds
outlined in ViVid pink
and the moon ...
no way to compose it
how much I'm missing you

a quaint Village
where rain runs in the Veins
of its people
and perpetual storms
mean immortality

albatross and contrail
aloft in a blue sky
the deeps of an ocean

cold riVer
yet it ripples warm pink
at sunset
reflections that mimic
a hue of nakedness

smooth or choppy
I’ll flow like a riVer
deep into sea
if we come together
it will sweeten the brine

first the sound
on an autumn morning
then we saw
a multitude of geese
skywrite the letter V

late autumn

on our short holiday

if only

we could foreVer float

like the leaVes in a lake

from a night sky

did fall this mourning star

to remind me

ho brightly it was you

that shined into my life

summer sun

shining on a smooth spot

in the sea

and the snout of a seal

has broken through its skin

here and now

I am born of this earth

a human

but what was my last life

and what will be the next

a tule elk

lapping its reflection

from the source

and from our beginning

you also quenched my thirst

how long will

ciVilization last

who decides

when a waVe comes ashore

whether it crashes or crumbles

autumn morning

the sky’s a liVe canVas

of windswept clouds

she is an inspired

artist mother-nature 

leaVe me not dear

too long without your touch

for I’ll wither

as weak and lonely as

an unwatered flower

combing a beach
for errant treasures
after the storm
my holiday baubles
netted glass float balls