an'ya has been writing poetry since the age of 13, and since 2011, she has been known as one of the top ten living haiku poets in the world

and is also currently writing in the tanka genre.


She is a descendant of the poet Francis Scott Key (author of the Star-Spangled Banner), F. Scott Fitzgerald (author of The Great Gatsby),

and science fiction writer Alexander Hill Key (author of Escape to Witch Mountain.)

an'ya's  (aka  Áine Mae) nom de plume was christened to her by David McMurray Editor of the Asahi Haikuist Network for the International

Herald Tribune-Asahi Shimbun Japan. In 1999 she moved from writing mainstream poetry to writing only Japanese short forms.

The haigo (pen name an'ya), loosely translates into "a peaceful surprise light in the moonless night". Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri

Takase's work with the oriental characters "an" (peace) and "ya" (night) associates an'ya's nom de plume with an analogy of "a surprise light

that brings peace to the moonless night."


an'ya's moth chop (signature stamp) that she uses on her artwork was made for her by bo'ki, and an'ya's signature tanka is.


the symmetry

of a common moth

makes me think

about how I am



Current Affiliations

freelance waka/tanka poetess


The Tanka Society of America, Founding Editor/Publisher of Ribbons Journal

2014-2017 Founder of the United Haiku and Tanka Society, founding Principal Editor of the journal cattails, collected works of the UHTS.
Founder of the Annual Hortensia Anderson Awards for haiku/senryu, the Fleeting Words Tanka Competition, and the Samurai Haibun


2011-2014 Oregon Regional Coordinator for Haiku Society of America
Founder/President of Haiku Oregon
Vice President of Haiku Oregon
The World Haiku Club Director/Editor of Beginners
haigaonline, editor-in-chief
moonset journal, editor and publisher
moonset newspaper, editor and publisher
Co-Editor for Haiku Reality
editor of kernelsonline

Editor of Tanka Origins

Memberships Past and Present

British Haiku Society
Alexander Negebauer HaikuKlub
Haiku Club of Slovenia
Tanka Society of America
Haiku Society of America
World Haiku Association
United Haiku and Tanka Society

Books Published

kokoro arts ebook, published by Gean Tree Press, Scotland
haiku for a moonless night, published by the natal light press USA
seasons of a hermitess, published by Rosenberry Books USA
The Tanka Companion, published by Rosenberry Books USA
haiku in my apron pocket, published by the natal light press USA
Moonstruck, published by the natal light press USA
behold the haiku sky, published by the natal light press USA
moon moths haiku, published by the natal light press USA
moon moths tanka, published by the natal light press USA
seasonal booklets, published by fea productions USA
pillow feathers booklets published by fea productions USA  

Tanka tree rings, published by fea productions USA

through the porthole published by fea productions USA

Raindrops Tanka booklet

Rose Moments Tanka booklet

Songs of the Winter Sea booklet

Mountains & Valleys booklet

Nightbirds booklet

Angels & Chimeras 2020

Published Book Collaborations

Crosswinds with Dragan Ristic', Svetomir Durabic', Zoran Doderovic', Dejan Bogojevic', published by Punta, Nis Jugoslavia 
Haiku Wine with Ernest J. Berry from NZ, published by the natal light press USA
PEACE with Giselle Maya, published in France
The Tao of Water, with Giselle Maya, published in France

Book Awards

Haiku Society of America Second Place Merit Book Awards 2004

Videos Online

Haiku Foundation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLJhfxHOMY0

Porthole Radio https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=porthole+radio

TSA 20th Anniversary Tiaga Showcase youtube video: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#sent/jrjtXVXPjkFPGNSxnjzJNJfZdKRnzHwGwhqBQgqRrJnxgZSbNgkGQbmjZgmnRNZznXvkXzDr?projector=1

Competition Placements

British Haiku Society 2018/19 First Place Winner for tanka, plus 3 HM. 

First Place J.W. Hackett British Haiku Society Awards (2001) 

First Place J.W. Hackett British Haiku Society Awards (2008) 

Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine 2019 World Tanka Poetry Competition (1st, 2nd, and HM)

First Prize The Tanka Society of America 2008 TSA International Tanka Contest 

Third Prize Betty Drevniok Competition 2009
The Heron's Nest Valentine's Award Most Popular Poets Double Grand Prize, 2001
The Heron's Nest Valentine's Award Reader's Choice 2001
Kaji Aso Studio Institute for the Arts Competition Honorable Mention, 2007
First Prize Kaji Aso Studios Competition 2001
Honourable Mention NZPS International Poetry Competition 2000
A-Bomb Competition Yellow Moon
Ocean Day Kukai
Presence Contest(s)
Haiku World Kukai
Haiku Pathway Kataikati Third Haiku Contest 2004 Commended
Honorable Mention paper wasp 2001
Third Place Ludbreg Croatian Haiku Contest
Midwest Poetry Review Competition (twice)
World Haiku Association's 2nd New Year's Eve/New Year's Day World-wide Double Kukai 2001/2002 2nd Place
The 19th Annual 2006 Penumbra Poetry and Haiku contest Finalist
The Third New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day World-wide Double Kukai 2002/2003
Honorable Mention Kaji Aso Studios Contest 2001
The Heron’s Nest I: Number 3 1999 Editor’s Choice
The Oku-no-Hosomichi Internet Kukai 2002 Honorable Mention
Virtual Dogo Ginko Tour Contest
WHC February/March Kukai 1999 Honorable Mention
Second EQ New Zealand Poetry Society Inc., 2000 International Poetry Competition
Honorable Mention New Zealand Poetry Society 2000
International Poetry Competition
The ASHIYA Second International Haiku Festa
Surgua Baika Literary Competition
Konkor Haiku Contest
World Haiku Club Autumn Ginko Festival
Honorable Mention The First International Erotic Tanka Contest 2008
Third Place Fall 1999 Kukai Judge’s Decision
The Second Takashi Kukai
The First Competition of World Haiku Club Hoshino Takashi Award 2003 Poems of Merit
Honorable Mention Red Moon Press 2002
Ocean Day Kukai
2nd in the 4th New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day World-wide Double Kukai 2003/2004
Basho’s 360th Anniversary Web Haiku Contest Award Haiku
World Haiku Club Florida Ginko
Honorable Mention The National League of American Pen Women 2002
Second Place Lyman Haiku Award North Carolina Poetry Society 2005
Tanka Society of America International Tanka Competition 2010 Honorable Mention
1st WHC webWORKS Kukai
Itzy Bitzy Wing Ding Competition
The Wildwalk Photo-haiku kukai
Oku-no-Hosomichi Internet Kukai
Third Prize The Winter Moon Awards for Haiku 2008
Parade of Life Kukai 2003 Overall Winner
The International Haiku Convention 2001 First Prize
World Haiku Club World-Wide Earth Day Ginko Second Choice
Honorable Mention, Robert Spiess Memorial Haiku Award 2006
Third Prize Kaji Aso Studio’s International Haiku Contest 2009
The World Haiku Club 1st Global Haiku Tournament 2002 Winner on the “Pointed Radishes” Team
Tanka Splendor Second Place epic tanka collaboration with Alexis Rotella
World Haiku Internet Hatsu-kukai January 2000 Editor’s Choice
Finalist Award 18th Annual Penumbra Poetry and Haiku Contest.

The 2nd Creating Reality Haiku Competition
Honorable Mention Haiku Award 4th Suruga Baika Literary Festival
Honorable The Kiyoshi and Kiyoko Tokutomi Haiku Contest 2008
Third Place The Kiyoshi Tokutomi Memorial Haiku contest 2004
Honorable Mention Kiyoshi Tokutomi Memorial Haiku contest 2004
Honorable Mention Tokutomi Yuki Teikei Haiku Society Memorial Haiku Contest 2006
Honorable Mention The Saigyo Awards for Tanka 2008
Honorable Mention The Tokutomi Memorial Haiku Contest 2006
Itzy Bitzy 9 Competition 2009 Haiku Commended
First Place Yellow Moon Literary Competition 2000
Third Place the Francine Porad Award Washington Poet’s Association 2005
Winner of Poem This Painting Haiga Online 2000
Third Prize Calico Cat Haiku Contest 2005/2006
Winner of the 2003 Permafrost University of Alaska Fairbanks Haiku Contest
Haiku Presence Award 2001 Runner-up
Honorable Mention The National League of American Pen Women 2000
HM The National League of American Pen Women 2001

Honourable Mention The Herb Barrett Award 2001
Yellow Moon 2002 Commended
Highly Commended Yellow Moon 2002
Second Place Haiku Florida State Poets Association Annual Contest 2000
Yellow Moon Commended 2000
Second Place Sijo Florida State Poets Association Annual Contest
Highly Commended Haiku Yellow Moon 2004
(2) Highly Commended Haiku Yellow Moon 2001
(2) Commended Haiku Yellow Moon 2001
Highly Commended Tanka Yellow Moon 2005
Very Highly Commended Tanka Yellow Moon 2005
Commended Tanka Sequence Yellow Moon 2006
Still runner-up Spring Award 2000
Commended Itzy Bitzy Wing Ding Literary Competition for Cinquain 2001
Japan Society The English Tanka & Haiku Convention on Water, River, Lake, Sea Tanka Certificate of Merit
Zen Garden Haiku Contest Award of Merit 2005
Second Place World-Wide World Haiku Club Shiki Haiku Poems Contest 2001
Very Highly Commended Tanka Yellow Moon
National League of American Pen Women Honorable Mention 2002
Second Place The National League of American Pen Women 2002
The National League of American Pen Women Finalist 2003
Zen Garden Haiku Contest 2004 Shadow Poetry Runner-up
First Place Florida State Poets Association
15th Annual Penumbra 2002 Poetry & Haiku Contest Finalist
Still Autumn Award Runner-up 2000
Still Autumn Award Runner-up 2001 Issue Two
Still Autumn Award Runner-up 2001 Issue Four
Honorable Mention Midwest Poetry Review 2001 Annual Haiku Contest
3rd Place National League of American Pen Women Evelyn McLeod/Viola Rivenburgh Memorial Contest 2000
Honorable Mention Betty Drevniok Award 2003

Third Place Penumbra Tallahassee Writers Association 2001

The Heron’s Nest Editor’s Choice Vol 1: No 3, 2000
Second Honorable Mention Yuki Teikei Haiku Society Tokutomi Haiku Contest, 2010
Highly Commended Haiku Presence Award 2001
The Inspirational Award of Judges, the Second Ashiya International Haiku Festa
Commended Tanka 2006 Tanka Calendar Competition
Honorable Mention Kaji Aso Studios International Haiku Contest 2007
Highly Commended Creating Reality Second Haiku Competition 2004
Commended Award Basho’s 360th Anniversary Contest
Commended Second Annual Paper Wasp Jack Stamm Haiku Award 2000
Third Prize Nyuusen Foreign Language Category 2006 in Recognition of the Merits exhibited in the 11th “Kusamakura” International

Haiku Competition
Finalist Wilderness Haiku Contest, 2010

Honorable Mention 2010 Haiku Invitational Sakura Award
Honorable Mention The First International Erotic Tanka Contest 2008
New Mexico Wilderness Alliance 2011 Contest
British Haiku Society's Tanka Anthology contest commended 2015

Japan Tanka Society Certificate of Merit Award 2018

A participant selected for the 2019 Season 7 Poetry Moves poems on C-TRAN buses

Highly Commended Fifth Annual H. Gene Murtha Senryu Contest

Honorable Mention California Urban Forests Council Haiku Contest

Mandy's Tanka Contest 2020 Third Place and an Honorable Mention 

Lyrical World Tanka Competition First Place and HM

2nd Place Tanka Bulgarian International Kotadama Contest 2022

Published in Literary Journals 

Poet's International  2008

MASLACAK Br.8 in English and Serbian

Haiku Informator NO. 19

Haiku Ogledalo 

Listak No. 40

The Heron’s Nest
Lenti Casi
Haiku Novine
Blithe Spirit
South x southeast
Bottle Rockets
SP Quill
red lights
Modern Haiku
moonset journal
Gusts Contemporary Tanka
Eucalypt Tanka Journal
Moonbathing, a Tanka Journal of Women
Albatross included in "A World Out of Balance and in Balance: Urban and Nature Haiku by Bruce Ross


Haiku Moments, Serbia

Ribbons Tanka society of Americal Journal


In Literary Magazines

Magna Poets
Serb World Magazine and Serb World Literary Supplement
Poet’s International
Northwest Ethnic Voice Volume 8
Midwest Poetry Review
Yellow Moon Literary Magazine, Australia

Long Exposure Magazine

Green Apples Magazine, Slovenia

DHG Magazine of Deutsche Haiku Geselschaft (Haiku Society of Germany

Long Exposure Magazine

In Literary Anthologies

Haiku in English W.W. Norton Publishing 2013

National League of American Pen Women Palomar Showcase
Haiku Za Danas
Haiko Pismo
The Still Horizon
The Shell
Haiku Moments
The Violet
To find the words NZPS
Red moon’s A Glimpse of Red
Penumbra 2005 chapbook The last verse Georgian Blue Poetry Society
NZPS an exchange of gifts
Wieschnee von Gestern
seasons of a grasshopper
North American Tanka Anthology
NZPS the whole wide world anthology
Winners’ Works the English Tanka Haiku Japan Society of Water Environment
Zrbornik Konkurs AN3
Paper wasp jack stamm anthology boat harbour
Penumbra 2005 chapbook Sweeping Leaves the Herb Barrett Award International Haiku Anthology
Robert Epstein’s the breath of surrender
Up against the Window, American haibun and haiga Vol. 1 Countless Leaves Canada
the road between mountains
Streetlights: Poetry of Urban Life in Modern English Tanka” Trade 
Paperback by MET Press 2009
where the wind turns: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2009
AN Wolken Angelegi
Harvest International 2006/2007
Penumbra 2005 chapbook Fire Pearls Tanka Anthology
Take Five Best Contemporary TankaVolume 4, 2011
Reeds Journal of Contemporary Haiga New leaves, a collection of world haiku
Haiku Dawn
Taboo haiku Anthology
Bruce Kennedy’s Dog and Cat Anthology
Parade of Life “Bristol City and Art Gallery’s (England) exhibition of Japanese Woodblock prints”
The Herb Barrett Anthology 2001
Reversal of Despair
Penumbra 2005 chapbook Haiku Susreti Klostar 2004
Take Five Volume 1
Take Five Volume 2
the loose thread The Red Moon Anthology of English Language Haiku 2001
the whole wide world the New Zealand Poetry Society
evolution: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2010
the Haiku North West 25th Anniversary Anthology, 2013
Dreams Wander On: Contemporary Poems of Death Awareness, edited by Robert Epstein, Published by Modern English Tanka Press,

Baltimore, Maryland
Kamesan's World Haiku Anthology on War, Violence and Human Rights Violation
All the Shells: The Tanka Society of America’s Member Anthology for 2014

Halku Signature Anthology by Middle Island Press, published tanka

Fire Pearls Short Masterpieces of Love and Passion published by Seamark

Among the Lilies published by Lulu for Shadow Poetry 2008 

Fire Pearls Masterpieces of the Human Heart published by Lulu.com, 2009

Haiku in English, the First Hundred Years by W.W. Norton & Company 

Haiku Society of America's Anthology 2010, Sharing the Sun

Kamesan’s World Haiku Anthology on War, Violence and Human Rights Violation 2012

EHIME ONE HUNDRED HAIKU  2003 Anthology, published as a result of an International Haiku Convention held in 2001

World Poetry Anthology "Poets International 2001"

AN Haiku Anthology, 2001

Contemporary Haibun 2021

contemporary haibun volume 14


In Pamphlets/Books (paperback and hardback)/Booklets/Chapbooks/Leaflets/Newsletters/Newspapers/ Guides, etc.

The American Srbobran Literary Supplement Serb American Writers No. 39
Featured in the American Srbobran as a Prominent Serbian Author in America
Haiku Informator
moonset literary newspaper
New Mexico Wilderness Alliance's WILD GUIDE 2011
Listak leaflet
The Mie Times Vol. 43 2000
In Buddha’s Temple
2009 Penumbra Poetry Chapbook
Haiku Canada Sheets
Seasons Greetings Leaflets
Ripples Newsletter Haiku Society of America
Penumbra 2005 Chapbook

Haiga published in The Haiku Hecameron: Gratitude in the Time of COVID-19, 2020

wind haiga book series 1 by Kuniharu Shimizu 2010Tanka 2020: poems from today’s world paperback published by Red Moon Press, 2020

OSVIT Magazine Yugoslav Haiku Society 2001

Myths and the Creative Imagination Atlas Poetica

Online Pubs


MET Modern English Tanka

Perunika  Literary Web

Haiku Hut

Naviar Radio Haiku Challenge
Notes from the Gean
Asahi Haikuist Network
Daily Haiga
Reeds Contemporary Haiga
The Heron’s Nest
Poet’s International
The World Haiku Club Review
Hortensia’s Homestead
The Ouch Tree
Poetry in the Light
Women on Writing
Sijo Blossoms
The Workshop
Haiga Online
Kuni’s Haiga Gallery
Chiyo’s Corner
Borders and Time
Tiny words
The Outlaw Sketchbook
Simply Haiku
Haiku Reality
The Worldwide Ginko collection
Aha poetry The Intercultural Platform Global Writer’s Muse
The Poet’s Porch
Shreve Memorial Library Electronic Message Board
Writer’s Hood
Flowing Haiku
Poet’s Hut
Autumn Leaves
The Artweb
Haiku Harvest
Haiku Cycles
Tenaj’s webtv Ten green bottles
Asahi Evening News
The Haiku Wall
Summer Evening’s in Slovenia
Ray’s Web Haibun
Water Blossoms Peper Miller’s Website
Webworks Gallery
Susumu’s Traditional School
Ferris Gilli’s Treetops
Stylus Poetry
WHC Review, Gabriel Rosenstock’s Enlightenment Series
Haiku Harvest
Soft Strokes
The Poetry Prose
Starlight Cafe
Full moon
Sijo West
Haikuist Network
Short stuff
Wordfield’s Haikai Pub
Tom Clausen’s Mann Library Website
The Charnwood Project
Interactive Photo-haiku
Japan Design Works
Free Times/Tempes Libres
World Haiku Association Poet’s Website
A Hundred Gourds
Terebess Asia Online (TAO)
Per Diem: C. Herold, February 2012, weather
Per Diem: Stewart C.. Baker, July 2014, Recipes
Per Diem: H. G. Murtha, May 2013, Birds
Per Diem: M. McClintock, December 2013, Mountains
Per Diem: Sonam Chhoki, 2017

Per Diem: Tom Painting, 2012

Per Diem: Billie Wilson,  2012
Neverending Story

haikumania the James Connection

Vines # 4


The Bamboo Hut

Haiku Foundation


Porthole Radio/youtube videos

Under the Basho

ARDEA, 2011

Mike Rehling's Failed Haiku 2020 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQCU-FBwRrI

Persianblog.com 2005

Poetry Pacific

Blo͞o Outlier Journal 2020


VSANA Viewing Stones of North America

The Classical Poets Society, March 2021

haikuKATHA - Issue 5

Sakura Haiku Challenge! 2022

Gallery Exhibitions

Emerald Arts Springfield, Oregon USA

TBDLoft Bend, Oregon USA

FRAA (Florence Regional Arts Association), Florence, Oregon USA

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Exhibit Eugene, Oregon USA in 2012, 2013, and 2014

2013 Asian Celebration, Eugene, Oregon USA

2014 Asian Celebration, Eugene, Oregon USA

Asian Celebration Eugene, Oregon USA, power point Haiga slide presentation on the Atrium Stage, 2012

Bend Oregon USA Indoor Market Tanka, haiku and haiga Exhibition

Haiku & Haiga Exhibition: Rogue Ales Public House in Eugene, Oregon USA for National Haiku Day 2010

Featured Artist/Poet Exhibit Old Town Coffee Gallery and Restaurant, Florence, Oregon USA 2018 

Featured Artist Novelli's Restaurant Old Town Gallery, Florence, Oregon USA

Novelli's Seafood Restaurant, 2018/19

Springfield Oregon's Mayor's Art Show,  2012

Published Haiga

Reeds Journal of Contemporary Haiga
Daily Haiga an edited online journal of contemporary & traditional haiga Skylark Tanka
Featured Artist Daily Haiga an edited journal of contemporary & traditional haiga, 2010
The OutLaw Sketchbook
Haiga Winner for Overview Section of the Heron’s Nest Publication

A Hundred Gourds

Vines (Hedgerow)

The Haiku Hecameron book

TSA Special Feature: Tanka Haiga/Taiga

Robert Epstein's Anthology on Aging

Lavana Kray's blogsite our best haiga

The Sacred in Contemporary Haiku published by Robert Epstein

cattails United Haiku and Tanka Society

Calendar Publications

Haiku Kalendar 2006 Tanka Calendar Competition, Commended

Published Interviews

Ahapoetry Ty Hadman’s Poet’s Profile
Online at Poet’s International
Exclusive Interview P.I. October 2008 printed edition of poetsinternational.com
Haiku Reality by Sasa Vasic'
Magna Poets Premiere issue January 2008
Short Stuff Interview
Featured Poet of the Month on Poet’s International India
Iris Poet’s Society Interview
Featured Poet on the Poetic Portal.com 2007
Online at Tobacco Road
Delta Nisqually Review Interview
Simply Haiku by Robert Wilson
“World Haiku Poet an’ya” interview July 2003 by M. Fakruddin Poet’s International Annual Monthly Journal of Short Verse, India

Poet Interview by Jacob Salzer 2021

Collaborations and Linked Verse

Hortensia Anderson, haiku, haibun, renku and tanka poet
Michael Dylan Welch, haiku, renku, tanka poet; Past HSA President
Elizabeth St. Jacques, haiku and sijo poet, editor
Kirsty Karkow, haiku, tanka, renku, haibun poet, editor
J Marcus Weekly, haiku poet
Connie Johnson of Zephyr Symphony Wind Chimes in Arizona
Kuniharu Shimizu Graphic Artist, Japan
Sarah Whitworth, waka poet
Accordian Books by JoTee ARTFRENZY
b’oki haiku poet and woodblock artist
Dr. Angelee Deodhar, haiku poet and translator

Sunny Larsen, waka poet
Ivan Kolaric’, professor and poet
Pamela Babusci, haiku poet and Moonbathing editor
Alexis Rotella, haiku, tanka, mainstream poet, artist and editor
Evening Star Scented Candles
Nicholas Teele, waka poet
Mary Angela Nangini, haiku poet
Sheila Windsor, haiku and tanka poet
Richard St Clair, waka poet
Paul Cooper, waka poet
John Wisdom, haiku and tanka poet
Andrew Riutta, haiku poet and editor
Carmen Sterba, haiku and tanka poet, editor
Maria Steyn, haiku and tanka poet
Jasminka Nadaskic Djordjovic', haiku poet and editor
Kris Kondo, renku master and haiku poet
Juanito Escareal, haiku poet
Tenzing, haiku and tanka poet
Ed Baker, sculptor, artist and haiku poet
Debra Woolard Bender, haiku and tanka poet
Chibi, haiku poet webmaster
Gary Steinberg, haiku and tanka poet Gary Blankenship, haiku poet
Allen McGill, haiku and tanka poet, editor
Ron Moss, haiga artist and haiku poet
Gene Murtha, publisher and haiku poet
Max Vernhart, haiga artist, haiku poet
Anne Curran, New Zealand haiku and tanka poet
Garry Gach, haiku poet
peterB, publisher and haiku poet
Christopher (Kit) Baskind, waka poet
Eiko, Japanese Renku Poet
Ernest J Berry, haiku poet and haiga artist
Kathy Lippard Cobb, haiku and tanka poet and artist
Kent Clair Chamberlain, haiku and mainstream poet
Robert Epstein, haiku poet and publisher
Zolo, (John J. Polozzolo) haiku and tanka poet/haiga artist
Marjorie Buettner, haiku, essayist and tanka poet
Donna Ferrell, waka poet
Linda Galloway, haiku and tanka poet
Kigen, waka poet
Dorothy Mallory, pencil-sketch artist
Alf Roslund, Photographer
Susan Frame, sumi-e artist
Sasic Vasic', haiku and tanka poet
Merrill Ann Gonzales, haiku and tanka poet, haiga artist
Michael McClintock, haiku and tanka poet, Editor, Past TSA President
Raffael de Gruttola, haiku poet
Carole MacRury, haiku and tanka poet
Heike Sackman, German haiku artist and poet
Cindy Lommasson, Chinese brush artist
Giselle Maya, haiku, tanka poet and artist
Shirley Kishiyama, haiku poet and sumi-e artist

Ce Rosenow, haiku poet

Harriot West, haiku poet

Richard St. Clair, haiku and tanka poet, composer

Debbie Strange, haiku/tanka poetess

Jacob Salzar, poet

Arni Neff (grandaughter) Watercolor Artist

Other Forms of Published Poetry and Art

Epic Poetry
Ethnic poetry
Commissioned poems
Pattern poems

Haiga (haiku painting)

Tanka Art

Website Creations

moonset literary newspaper

moonless night
Oregon haiku and tanka Society
Haiku Oregon
Existence arts
kokoro arts
United Haiku and Tanka Society/cattails journal


Principle Published Articles/Columns/Reviews/Essays

Worldfield’s Haikai Pub review on moonset literary newspaper by Carole MacRury 2007
Book Review by McClintock on moonstruck
New Hope International Review on moonset #1 by Doreen King
New Hope International Review on moonset # 2 by Patricia Prime
New Hope International Review An Independent small press poetry
review on moonset Vol. 2 No 1
New Hope International Review on haiku for a moonless night
New Hope International Review on moonset Vol. 2 No 2 by Alan Hardy
New Hope International Review on moonset Vol. 3 #1 by James Roderick Burns
New Hope International Review on Ribbons Vol. 1 # 2 by John Ballam 2000
New Hope International Review on Ribbons Vol. 2 # 2 by Chrissie Everard 2007
New Hope International Review on crosswinds by John Francis Haines
Book Review Haiku Wine by Charles Trumbull Modern Haiku
Book Review moonless night by Charles Trumbull Modern Haiku
“In Praise on Non-Japanese Haiku WHChaikuforum Go-shichi-Go Column The Language Connection, Special to the Daily Yomiuri “Using poetic color in haiku” by Susumu Takiguchi 2004
Go-shichi-Go Column The Language Connection, Special to the Daily Yomiuri “The poetry of despair and death by Susumu Takiguchi 2003
Go-shichi-Go Haiku in English Column The Language Connection, Special to the Daily Yomiuri “Haiku from Around the World by Susumu Takiguchi
“Summer’s heat” paperfrog by Donna Ferrell
Book Review moon moths by Aurora Antonovic’, 2007
Go-shichi-Go Column The Language Connection, Special to the Daily Yomiuri “Using musical elements in haiku” by Susumu Takiguchi, 2003
Go-shichi-Go Column The Language Connection, Special to the Daily Yomiuri “Haiku written in fire suit the cool of autumn” by Susumu Takiguchi, 2004
Go-shichi-Go Column The Language Connection, Special to the Daily Yomiuri “Haiku that can take the breath away” by Susumu akiguchi, 2005
Go-shichi-Go Column The Language Connection, Special to the Daily Yomiuri “Finding tranquility in a bustling world” by Susumu Takiguchi, 2005
Book Review on moonless night by Marjorie Buettner
Book Review on moonstruck by Aurora Antonovic’, poeticportal.net
WHChaikuforum by Michael McClintock 2003
Book Review for crosswinds, “ The magical Power of Top Observation” by Verica Zivkovic’, literary critic Serbia and Montenegro
Journal Review of moonset for Stylus Poetry Journal by Patricia Prime, New Zealand
Book Review “Windkreuzeng” on Crosswinds by Zoran Doderovic’ posted at kulturserver-nds.de.
Article in Albatross “A World out of Balance and in Balance: Urban and Nature Haiku by Bruce Ross
Ribbons Tanka Society of America Journal, Vol.1 No. 1, edited by an’ya, Reviewed by Patricia prime for Stylus Poetry Journal, 2005
Siddiqui Saheb Districts Paigah Vicar-UL-UMRA
Book Review for Crosswinds by Charles Trumbull for Modern Haiku
New Hope International Review on-line Yellow Moon #15, by Doreen King
Book Review on haiku wine by Marjorie Buettner
WHCHaikuforum Robert Gibson
Tanka Tree Rings for Ribbons 2014 by Richard St. Clair

Courses Taught

World Haiku Club Beginners Courses

Haiku Speaker Biology Course at Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Oregon

Introduction to Haiku Library Course, Oakridge, Oregon

Florence Oregon Public Library haiku Classes

Presentations/Readings/Featured Artist/Poet/Invitations

Voted one of the top ten haiku poets in the world at Simply Haiku in 2011
Bend-ku Project for dtbloft, Bend, Oregon USA
Oregon Regional Haiku Gathering and Ginko Walk, Westfir, Oregon USA
Harvest Reception Special Collections Room of the Cal Poly Library USA
Invitation ITF Tokyo 2009 PSA News, Japan
Invitation Windrift Haiku Group Wellington, NZebook
Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu Postcards Japan
Featured Haiga Artist at Daily Haiga, Canada 2010
The Nature of Words Presentation, Bend, Oregon USA

Haiku displayed at the Rogue Public House Eugene Oregon for Haiku Day

Haiku "female pinecone, leafless tree, long train and neap tide featured by Cliff Roberts

at the South Haiku Society of America Conference haiga presentation.

Poet and Tanka Winter 2021 Ribbons Journal Tanka Society of America

Featured Poet at Tanka Take Home 2022

Other Professional Activities and Special Credits

Founder of the "aha" Annual Hortensia Anderson) Memorial Haiku Awards

Founder of "Fleeting Words Tanka Competition 

Founder of the "Sanurai Haibun Contest

Serbian Heritage Museum of Windsor Ontario Canada, an'ya's epic pattern poem entitled "Our Kosovo” 
The World Haiku Club Team Tournament Winner
Tribute Haiku for Robert Speiss, Keiko Imoka, John Crook, Ferris Gilli, Susumu Takiguchi
Haiga Cover for Robert Wilson’s Haiku Card
World Haiku Club e-zine cards
Published with Artworks by Kuniharu Shimizu haiga book series 1
Haiku and the Pictograph in EL (Earth Language) Yoshiko McFarland
Published in A World out of Balance and in Balance: Urban and Nature Haiku by Dr. Bruce Ross,

posted online by the "World Haiku Review" Haiku Club, 2007.
Morning Haiku aired in Northern California on KRCB Radio 91.1 FM Haiku Readings
My Favourite Tanka Selected by Guy Simer Gusts # 2 2005

Article Cascade Arts Bend Oregon USA by Sandra Holtzman, Feature Writer 2006
windblown clouds by Alec Finlay Morning Star Publication 

seasons of a hermitess sold at Japanese Gardens, Portland, Oregon USA
Dr. James R. Rohrer Department of History University of Nebraska at Kearney Unit on Eastern Orthodoxy Religion in America 2008,

Class Student literature assigned readings of “Round Faces and Nesting Dolls”, winning tanka collaboration with Alexis Rotella.
Haiku thank you Signed Postcard from “Big Chuck and Lil John” Cleveland, Ohio USA
Participated in the nomination process for the Haiku Foundation's Inaugural Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems in 2010.
The midsummer taping of Morning Haiku aired between July 12th and August 27th in Northern California on KRCB Radio, 91.1 at 5:58

each weekday morning, 2002.
Listed as a Famous Tanka Poet at your dictionary online

Organizer of the HSA event held in the Liberty Theatre, proclaimed by Bend, Oregon Mayor as "Bend Haiku Weekend"

Participant in the Haiku Gumball Machine in Vancouver, B.C., at Albion Books

Haiku printed on Evening Star Scented Candles, june breeze, silk strand, mountain slate, nigh tof stars, soft breeze, banked fire,

bitter cold and female pinecone.

Haiku meeting haiga slideshow in Cividale del Friuli, Italy,  in the cultural club “Navel” 2010

Porthole Radio youtube videos

Haiku Foundation Film Festival 2020:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLJhfxHOMY0 

Songs of the Winter Sea with music by Richard St. Clair

Evocations of Spring and Autumn with music by Richard St. Clair


First Overseas Judge for a Yellow Moon Competition
Fort Worth Haiku Society Winter Haiku Contest, 2013
Numerous W Haiku Club the La Fenice in Venice online kukai
The Gerald Brady Senryu Awards for the HSA
The Mildred Kanterman Memorial Book Awards Haiku Society of America 2009
The Haiku Society of America's Haibun Awards
Judith Gorgone's Planetpals Earth Day Haiku Contest, 2012
White Lotus Haiku Competition for Shadow Haiku  2008
haikuhut awards for tanka
tbdloft Bendku
The Wisteria True Vine Press Chapbook Contest
The Nick Virgilio Memorial Haiku Contest for Students 2004 
Haiku Society of America 2000 Harold G. Henderson Awards
Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational 2011
Judith Gorgon's Earth Day Haiku Contest 2011
Anita Weiss Haiku Contest
Vancouver's Cherry Blossom Festival 2011
United Haiku and Tanka Society Haibun Samurai Contest 2014
United Haiku and Tanka Society "aha" Annual Hortensia Anderson) Memorial Haiku Awards 2013

United Haiku and Tanka Society Tanka Competition 2014, 2015, 2016

British Haiku Society Awards 2019 Tanka Division

Viewing Stone Association of North America ww.vsana.org First Haiku Poetry Contest 20202

2006 Harold G. Henderson Awards

Wild Plum Haiku Contest 2016

Prefaces/Book Endorsements/Translations: See translations page

Hidden River by Denis M. Garrison
Take Five Volume 2 by M. Kei
An Unknown Road by Adelaide B. Shaw
Robert Epstein’s The Breath of Surrender
Haiku Chapbook by Elliot Nicely
Western Brushstrokes by Patricia Nolan, 2013
English-language Advisor to Sasa Vazic' for Spring in the Heart
Paresh Tiwari book blurb
(Proljece u srcu) haiku by Vesna Oborina

Preface for Counterpoint by Lavana Kray

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“birth signs in haiku” published in Haiku Reality
A Favourite Tanka for Yellow Moon Literary Magazine, Australia


Haiku Reality online English Editor

moonset journal editor-in-chief 
moonset literary newspaper editor-in-chief
Ribbons Journal, The Tanka Society of America Journal founding editor
haigaonline editor-in-chief
English Editor for Ljubomir Dragovic’s A Narrow Road
Co-Editor (with peterB) for the 2011 Haiku Society of America Members' Anthology, in pine shade
kernelsonline, founding editor
cattails journal, collected works of United Haiku and Tanka Society, founding and principal editor

Tanka Origins digital online, editor