wintry brume

from the riVer below

a mountain range

of transparent peaks

and ghostly Valleys

shall memories

of us foreVer remain

buried deep

to burst through fallen leaVes

like forest mushrooms

my darling's hair

looking silVer-colored

what is sleet

beyond the moonlit pines

early in september

here without you

this is a waVeless sea

its midnight blue

and the laughter of gulls

inVade my inner sanctum

eVening rain

from a Valentine

colored sky

this of loVe alone

one life allows me

when leaf trees

succumbed to autumn wind

we went our ways

neVer meant to look back

but new buds haVe sprouted

hanging from two

branches in an oak

a moon crescent

on the cusp of loVe

we curVe meet and end

the rendezVous

to what might we compare it

all was quiet

on mutual horizons

until swan geese came honking

a narrow bridge

the riVer flows toward you

away from me

who will be the first to turn

our argument around

(all published in The Tanka Journal 2015 no. 46)