Sisters of the Heart Tribute Sequence

for Hortensia Anderson by the Hornets

(Published in Red LIghts 2012)

49th day--

plenitude of emptiness

filling my days

sisters of the heart

we drink from the same well

Marjorie Buettner

you glide

through the galaxy


by space or time

Carmen Sterba

a shooting star

never lasts long enough

as other

things that pass too quickly 

but this just brings us closer


before I rise

my wish to remember

a perfect dream

lost to the mourning doves

telling me you're gone

Bette Wappner

in your absence

the apricot tree blooms

once again

as blossoms turn to sunlit fruit

I am reminded of you

Carole MacRury

Hortensia!the name that we find

here and there

the smile it always brings

as if you had not left us

Kirsty Karkow

in the night 

your words mix with the wind,

trail a passing train...

the song you left us

before you broke free

Maria Steyn