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Tanka Origins is an exclusive free digital publication. It accepts only the best works of 21st Century poets who still write

with an "old soul", thereby keeping to the selfless and natural spirit of "waka" aka "tanka", as well as preserving the original sophistication and songfulness of "court poetry".



Tanka Origins will publish 3 free digital editions per year beginning in 2020: 


Submission period for the August Edition is open June 15 to July 15.

Submission period for the December Edition is open October 15 to November 15.


                                Submission period for the April Edition is open February 15 to March 15.

Tanka Origins will be a publication of quality, not quantity. However, feel free to submit an unlimited number of individual tanka for consideration, but please (no sequences, linked verse, tanka prose, short mainstream verses, rhyming, or subject material that might be offensive to the international public.)
Work must be original, unpublished (not in print, or posted anywhere on the internet ie: websites, blogs, twitter, Facebook, etc.), nor entered in a contest. Tanka from "closed" online access workshop groups but not "open forums", tanka from face-to-face tanka groups and meetings, or tanka in private emails between peers, are fine to submit. 

Please include your name, country, email address, and date of submission. Please include a statement that your tanka are original, unpublished, and not under consideration elsewhere.


Send your submissions in the body of an email (no attachments please) to tankaanya@gmail.com with the subject heading Tanka Origins.

Tanka will be chosen based on the use of one or more attributes such as: the short, long, s, l, l tanka rhythm, beauty-of-thought, nature references, the seasons, the senses, love, life,  innuendo,  peace, family, friendship, etc. For more information about the genre, please visit here: https://www.tankaanya.com/what-is-waka-tanka

As I've always done in past editorship's, my response-time and selections will be ASAP so you can resubmit elsewhere. 


However, I hope to showcase your work in Tanka Origins... an'ya, editor




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