Summer Sequence

Paul, an'ya, McClintock, b'oki, Kigen, Donna 

Long past midnight,

the heat of the day remains 

caught in the iris--

its purple petals wilted,

bent forward the waning moon./P

into the backyard

came this trembling of finches

for a short while

what was it they all sought

that my garden didn't have/a


above the reeds,

a dragonfly--

ah, the wild blues

it vibrates in the sun./Mc

By the dry, weedy ditch

a large snapping turtle rests;

grey clouds roll in...

hope of the first summer rain

to drench more than just a drought./b

so many kinds, herbs,

fresh summer vegetables,

vendors shout, "Buy here!"--

home, loving the green market,

slicing onions, my eyes tear./K

Early summer

Already an onion seeds

In the garden;

Are the fireflies aware

Of how brief their night is/D

deep dry cracks

on aged hands revealing

it's summer 

cloudbursts top the ravine

briefly to overflowing/a

The sound of water,

roaring down the curbstones;

afternoon storm--

broad green leaves shake in the wind;

lightning cracks a black sky/P

Stone wall after rain--

a spider perfectly still

glistening in sun:

te hues of insect and stone,

grey-black, speckled, merge as one/K

Brown mountains

hidden in clouds for weeks,


with your dandelions you bring

the end of the monsoon./Mc

Walking the fence-line

Of the unused pasture

At afternoon's end...

The hum of insects invades,

Overpowers these stray thoughts/D

This place of retreat

once built by vineyard monks;

the smallest chapel--

white snow geese congregate

around thoughts of ancient prayer/b

A gentle breeze

sends a rustle through the leaves

this summer dawn-

aura memories arise

here in this mountain home/P

The air becomes still...

in a gorge the sky narrows,

the river changes hue--

a pocket of purple twilight

that has always been there/Mc

clear from Japan

an antique float ball

faded green--

the brilliance of summer

what a fleeting thing/a