for breakfast

we scramble our way

back to bed

a rainy day mood

makes loVe navy blue


today blows eVeryplace

where are you

come to me loVe before

jack-o-lantern season

as one they moVe

from coastal tree to tree

in migration

the mass exodus

of wanderer butterflies

still awake

in the estuary

red-eyed loons

that ride a stream of stars

and cry their soulful cries

the excitement

of another daystar

rising again

inside a cloud its rays

that turn an ocean pink

plum preserves

in the water glass spin

a frail thread

you wrap around my heart

and keep me dangling

while you used

my lap for your pillow

at naptime

the first pumpkin flowers  

did sprawl along the vine

the whip-poor-will

chanting consistently

in lucid dreams

a bare-skinned loVer came  

and laid down beside me

clandestine loVe

eVermore fleeting yet

you fill each gap

like the powder-blue sky

in a herringbone cloud

the zenith

of serenity

at sunrise

true to last eVening

this sailor’s delight

first dawn

of the fifth season


to wake beside you

my old companion

deepening loVe

our romance soars high

in an updraft

a snowy wingspan

aboVe and beyond

what's unnoticed

at low tide appears

with the high tide

and Vice Versa too

on loVe's roller-coaster

baby sea birds

parading on the dock

otters at play

and other perks that came

into my line of sight

should humankind

horrors inVade the news

again next year

resolve to liVe and loVe

mindful but of poesy

december’s end

wafting in the new year

karma weather

beautiful is this breeze

that keeps your countenance

into sea fog

came slow rising sun

a good combo

thus you and i loVed

for all the long while

holiday lights

no comparison to

a yuletide star

may the force of nature

be with us foreVer

without you

every dark horizon

leaVes me want

to see a long nights moon

ascend the firmament

country songs

on your car radio

pink perfect

moths circle in the light

of a strawberry moon

gale force winds

knotholes in the boardwalk

keep moving

to where the seagulls roost

and you will find me there

in a calm sea

the gull’s lone reflection

became two

its silhouetted self

tantamount to its white

in the wee hours

my paramour still sleeps

far from this shore

one half of its daymoon

hidden behind a cloud

a meteor

from infinity plunged

and its entry

did make the sea sizzle

you do that too for me

december sun

makes the riVer shine

holiday green

so many tree rings

since our far parting

comely clouds

over the ocean

floating by

images of you

ease my lonesomeness