coos in a wind drift

carrying on

our long distance loVe

and homing pigeons


expecting loVe

to my ear came close
a breathy song
perchance were you one
with the meadowlark


the sloshing sounds

of a december ocean

kept us awake

and storm lines long-continued

to groan incessantly


a blowy day

whitecaps wildly slapping

on the ocean

an opportunity

for loVe to sail my way


seVere winds
the dock spider's web
torn apart
fishing nets are too
being re-knotted


all is gray

an unmistakable

threat of rain

my umbrella panels

darken with eVery drop


an epoch

of elegant seabirds  

on the wing

as it was in times past

raptors oVer mountains


an arrangement

of sitters on a rope

saVe one rock doVe

searching for that perfect

billet in the line-up



renders me egoless

in your light

its but this rosy glow

at sunrise that matters


if it comes

to inhaling eVen

one more breath

without you shall raVens

alight upon my chest ...


waVy action

in the moody water

loVe naVigates

from secret to secret   

our boat docks at moonrise



back in touch with myself

on this new day

a migration of grebe

come swimming through the fog


when you're absent

I speak of loVe only

with the raVens

your name always comes up

in our conVersations


from up your way

a sweet-scented breeze blows
down the channel
I keep my face buried
and bask in its fragrance


with you came

an outrageous fanfare

of season

a rainbow within the clouds

and hail from heaVen falling


when winter sun

came out between storms

you flew to me

and together we sang

as loud as spring birds


only one shade

all the dome is colored

noVember grey

ribbons of rain athwart

a rigorous riVer


the miracle

of starburst but abloom

in our garden

cabbages that flower

and ornamental kale


octopus tree

silhouetted against

buttery clouds

your soft hands gaVe me thought

of putting out to sea


blue lightning

and with great explosion

came thunder

we at a steady pace

kept cadence with the rain



higher than before

the boardwalk

bats at low tide hang

from barnacled beams


cushioned by
incoming seafoam
the log boom
aliVe with red krill
feasting on plankton

when the time

for a new life comes

lay me down

amidst sea urchins

where tidepools abound

upon landing

the fulmar's wings fold  

back into place

with this winter thrust

you stay a long while


in blue-grey flight

aboVe an ocean swoops

a great heron

on the far horizon

clouds of its same color


lambent light

remnants of seagulls


with rain on the dock

and time falling back



on a crystal clear

fall morning

leafless tree branches

puncture the riVer

tinting june clouds

dawnlight meets moonlight

and deep purple

is the color in Vogue

of this season’s fashions

a long beak

coming out from beyond

the sea oats

I'Ve just to imagine

you are here with me too