tonight you 
are here aboVe me
slow then fast
a windchime twirling
inside the full moon 


gaze upon

for there is no fear

in beauty

this matrix of silk

defined by morning dew


what hue cast
in this white winterland
a blue moon
there is no bigotry
in the heart of nature


an old footbridge
the riVer flows toward you
away from me
who will be the first to turn
our argument around


the moon the sun

and horizontal currents

moVing the tides

how intimate are we too

with loVe’s ups and its downs

not eVer

are you gone from my heart

nor my thoughts

between times the moon comes

under coVer of dark


the yip

of a young coyote


a silVery moon

shines down on its sound


if only we were

as seabirds on the wing

in limitless sky

seamlessly traVeling

realms and dimensions


nothing escapes
this autumn sea fog  
eVen no moon
is better by far
than a lonely moon


as points on
maple leaVes crimsoned
by autumn
pierce a crisper air
yen too is imminent


from mountaintop
down the falls to the sea
a long journey
but with the luck of cranes
and rush of the riVer . . .



by a stormy eVening

swept in

from the sea haVe settled

settled into grains of sand


a patina

of september sunlight

brightly sheening  

through the water droplets

on a cormorant’s back

a bird nest

in the windy pine rides

it's needles

what emptiness we’Ve felt

since our fledgling has flown


life’s sublime
wheneVer you come close
but meanwhile
and temporarily
at first blush the lark's song


we’Ve just met

but already am I

an eagle

soaring high dipping low

oVer windswept prairie


a day older
on awakening
but in slumber
my dreams are always
still young in spirit


the bouncing

chaos of hailstones

on this night

heaVen has opened

a pandora’s box



in that final stage

of their cycle

I wonder was your  

wish the same as mine


our window

to be together

has blown closed

what woes we endure

waiting for an errant wind


burning ban . . .
what to do with this pile
of raked leaVes
like her disease the wind
steals one thought at a time


once obscured

by wandering contrails


half a daymoon adrift

on the brackish riVer


morning port

a great egret

in courtship

its long plumes raised

with attitude


sheet waterfall

steadily spilling

over the ledge

a mountain wept tears

or so might it feign


of white sun
and water droplets arced
this rainbow  
from lakeside to lakeside
in seVen-color spectrum


was it my


or Verily

a mysterious

figure in the fog


eVening late

a blue heron surprised

into flight

yet whateVer is worth

waiting for comes again


still sea
on this monday morning 
in august
the dog-days syndrome left
us bereft of a breeze


I promise you  
nothing less than the moon 
amidst star shine
and all beauty of thought
that is worth composing


a spotted owl’s

hooting lures me deeper

into slumber

an ethereal dream

dark eyes adjoin the moon


with crisper air

my hope you'll return

again autumn

a cedar smell wafts

from the blanket chest