jewel-green water

swirling and slapping

and surrounding

the still faithful blink

of an old lighthouse

wind at sea

imagine yourself
on this cliff
a promise that once
was made now is kept

morning blush

an autumnal tilt
come to light
a broad sunbeam slants
across the riVer

the deeps

of my soul are colored

ocean blue

a daytime moon afloat

alone in rough waters

descending leaVes

stripes on the wooly bear   

a loVe letter

but three of many signs

that soon you will be home

before us

neVer did I know what

felt so good

when first your lips found mine

fireflies lit the Vineyard

loVe anew

in all its profoundness


along the riVerbanks

copses of birch catkins

foul weather

predicted for the port

gale force wind

even the seagulls chose

to sit this one out

I saw and heard

a fondler of mountains

loud bugling

as rooseVelt antlers

came into the Valley

all the geese

now too haVe flown away

since you left

the hush of noVember

marks my melancholy

rainy at sea

deep down in the throat

a saltish taste

yet my treadmill of choice

dock walking past the gulls

toes pointed

and legs together

when in flight

my ballerina

you are an egret

algae blooms

their sea froth bubbles forth

with the tides

you come to me in sheets

and squalls of autumn rain

down the cheeks

a poignant sensation

chill wind tears

mix with those already  

shed oVer our parting

autumn rains

and waterfalls you

sing to me

a loVer's opera

of romantic sounds

just to haVe

a cat on the lap

soft and sweet

in my life purring

makes a difference


the fresh sea air

with you

seals swim in pairs

the gift to be...

the sun so

bright it blinds my eyes

no one else

do I see but you

will I loVe but you


for forty nine years


cause to celebrate

a rose in the sea

because of rain
through picture window glass
all is rippled
loVe's path often times too   
zigs and zags like rickrack

a benchmark

in the sea blue sky

skeins of geese   

migrate october

through to noVember

hear you smell you

see you touch you taste
and adore you
O mid-october rain
you pour into my soul


cherry trees

the bliss yet anguish

of first loVe

budding to dying

too short a season


blue heron

an image of greatness

in its eyes

a deep sea reflection

striding coastal waters

pendent beneath

the jellyfish cloud shapes

a full daymoon

this scene painted in words

but for Visionaries

sea fog

yet neVer is there  

a day

that the sun doesn't

rise to its zenith


the past the present

the future

let reVerence preVail

for loVe and nature


the harder my journey

coming to you

up from a wet Valley

unto sloping mountains

two cranes

were there but a third


upon us our child

that came out of loVe

nightly stroll

a boneyard abloom

with flowers

open to the moon

glowing in its light

still packed away

in an old steamer trunk

forgotten words

scribbled on scratch paper

napkins and paper plates

phosphate scum

pollutes the port harbor

this morning

a seal pup renews my hope

good triumphs over eVil