herringbone clouds

stairstep the skyscape

high aboVe us

a strenuous climb

but your loVe lifts me

gale force winds

may seVer a Vessel  

from its dock

but ties that anchor us

are tight and eternal

in search of

affection a crow makes

courtship bows

to mate for life might I

behaVe in this way too

close encounter

we use all of our senses

21 strong

a wrinkled V-letter flock

honking on the horizon

a softness

to the murres' feathers


to this callous wind

that blows them about

this morning

the freshest air ever

to be breathed

goes in and out of me

rising breasts that follow

autumn nip

a heron hunkers

further down

inside the sea oats

are beadlets of dew

what use

for court poetry


if not to remind

us of what loVe was

3 treasures

found in one morning

sea breezes

a babyish sea gull

heads for maturity

haVing only

a handful of moments

alone with you

O nightbird your Visits

mean eVerything to me

your farewell

and drear exodus

have left me

alone with the scent

of wilted flowers

from this low tide

will you be that high tide

to rescue me

a strand of sea tangle

marooned upon the beach

benumbed by

chill-winds on an autumn beach

if only

there were a tropical shell

with echos to warm my ears

a green heron
appeared to be neckless
an autumn awareness
in the flesh to me came

no question

that Verily this time

autumn came

the flushing of your cheeks

shows me it has happened

the day's tincture

nothing more than to gaze

at rose-red skies

until night brought with it

stars and a bluish moon

our lullaby

on a wind bell eVening


of patterns in the sea

that circle a new moon

with each leap

neVerending rings

here and there

sea legs follow me

from dock to sidewalk

in a flat sea

the juxtaposition

of reflections

seals swim and seagulls glide

through underwater clouds

september sun

a green shag's metallic sheen

keeps me penning

of superior forces

that inhabit this planet


on a cormorant's wings

water beads

that with its ascension

back into the ocean fell

but one among

all seeds sown in the bed  

of your garden

would I be that blossom

you are longing to pick

the ascent

of a lucky crane

in my dreams

at dawnlight rising

are you temptation

smoky red sun

morning rises oVer

an ocean full

of september crab pots

fire in a widow’s belly

port fog

obliterates the orb

of night

a déjà Vu of loVe

we made september last

a teary mist

clears cobwebs from my eyes

this solo morn

I allot alone time

to creatures of the sea

eVer changing

the tide is on the turn

of life and loVe

tunafish are running

and the crabs carry eggs

if eVer love

wanes I will but walk

in a woman’s

sorrowful sandals

back to my cloudland


the flow of deep REM sleep

on this night

     like a spawning salmon

into my dreams you leapt

one lost feather

its soft sounds of silence

on smooth water

till came hard falling rain

and roused the riVer churn