swiftness of tide

     eVen though our world

is all fogged in

tempted by longing

your hand catches mine

of soft footfall

you come to rendezvous

on the old pier

where coos of doVes abound

in rafters beneath us

with the gold hoop

of an ocean daymoon

come toiling souls

for you my fisherman

a courting candle is lit

a plethora

of wings aslant across

the ocean sky

unnameable seabirds

swooping into dusklight


in unison

the trumpeting of cranes

time marches on

we mustn't liVe apart

for one minute longer

town carniVal

we are the ones who

embraced nightfall

our top ferris wheel car

rocking in a corn moon

loVe is it

but an uprooted weed

gone for good

or will forgiVing winds

tumble you back to me

an autumn moon

hiding part of itself

in tree coVer

until the right wind blew

all fig leafs asunder

a windyday

lion's tooth and puffball

still side by side

as if to offer alms

for our separation

dipping in

a sunny fountain

hornet feet

the pulse of city life

that around us bustles

my knight

free water winds its way

through fields

effervescent echos

of a horse's hoofbeats

hot updraft

a glimpse of sunrise

through wingtips

two common raVens

but spinning as one


in a cherry red


outnumbered only

by ballooning clouds

in these times

of forsaken rhythm

still we moVe

to and fro up and down

circling our emotions

all's fair

in loVe and eclipses

are we but 

wayward doomed loVers

who let the dogs out

hoary fog

this morning proVides


we cloister ourselVes

under its coVer

solar eclipse

on a twilit morning

stars atwinkle

as the ruler of tides

lays atop the earth’s light

caramel flashes

on a tousled ocean


looking into her own

radiant reflection

you apace

with wildlife giVe me

true pleasure

creating moments

of diVine rapture

a riVer port

neVertheless at high tide

in comes the sea

and Voices of prophecy

storm petrels on salt wind

friends we made

walking into summer sun

haVe all flown

each moon oVer the boardwalk

brings us closer to autumn

how lonely

with my night heron gone


we will breakfast again

the hunger for loVe found

trails of bubbles

glisten in the riVer

is it perchance  

a reminder from you

that life should be frothy

at first blush

new signals from sealife

pending autumn

a scarlet sky eddies

in the estuary

the bumblebees

working gros bleu laVender

in harmony

keen to nectar-hued blossoms

I feel not that you are far

ha ha ha

the laugh of a gull

is my muse

if only I could

giVe it something back


sea grasses

once tangled by neap tide

loose again

hold me close to you loVe  

neVer to unraVel


foot on foot a heron's


at the meeting point of

sky and estuary


the green heron

on a sunny day

raises its wing

a school of shiners

swim into the shade


a mast into blackness

ocean Vapors

wandering past the moon

weaVing through summer stars