abound on its dock

the sandhill crane

I memorize too

but in my mind's eye


of july pink come

into View

strollers and blossoms

below the boardwalk

the song

of a nocturnal bird

O loVe

are you at my window

or is this just dreaming

meanwhile you'Ve gone

just the written word wraps

my wounded soul

upon your arriVal

shall all pain be forgotten

fingers dangling

in the lilied duck pond

of summer loVe

a sensation neVer

eVer felt before you

the way you

moVe toward and away

from my arms

a solo seaweed strand

taken leaVe of its pod

seaport fog

burrowed in a pocket

till the sun

up-rose to its zenith

and jump started my day

dawn until dusk

we roll with the moVement

of rhythmic tides

incoming outgoing

neVer still for a second

waking to

an aVerage skyscape

except for

a dusty blue moon

and the scent of musk