the falls

echoing our names

our names

for centuries it carVed

this deep deep canyon


we watched the autumn sky

migrate with geese

until an errant cloud

obscured our line of sight

without fail

eVery spring I think about

losing you

my tears are the rain falling

into a calla lily

the icicles

an occasional drip

closer to spring

my emotions run high

with anticipation

morning frost

slowly melting away

after all 

we argued and argued

about triVial things


moonlit flakes 

falling on pink ears

for tonight

'tis the season of

snow and jackrabbits

on the eVe

of your estrangement

a mental note

how sad the big dipper

without the little dipper

on the riVer

this tom sawyer kind

of afternoon

a book an apple

to keep me in the mood


Visting a wild

mustard bush

the flutter of wings

dusted with pollen



the antellope herd gone

fom our Valley

reaching into the past 

is sometimes a long way down

at bedtime

hard rain I waited for

that neVer fell

until we came together

in the right time and place


wings of a canadian 


you were the one of many

that neVer made it home

black squirrel

autumn scurries up

the tree trunk

only to come back down

for yet another nut


half left on the stalk

half in the air

for the sake of our secret

must we too separate 

an iVy-green 

moon on a brick wall

meet me here

at the college library

in our romance section

a noisy beach

we enjoy moments

of solitude

underneath the surf

it's our priVate place

a woman's

garden gate rusty

to the touch

warmed by summer sun

and a bird of passage

in march mizzle

two critters hole up


the hustle and bustle

of our city life

twilit rocks

a darkling beetle

in a creVice

night falls and morning rises

and eVerthing starts oVer


morning breadcrumbs

on the path wax soggy

after breakfast

we fall asleep to sounds

of rain on the skylight


winter fog at his temples

settles in

to a place in the graVeyard

where today he's meant to be 

a cat spider

in glistening sun spins

its comely web

of intricate design

giVen to a genteel wind

steel mill town

still it has a soft side

eVery year

the atmosphere changes

at cherry blossom time

 canVas sails

in a maritime breeze

at open market

we make eye contact

both squeezing the kiwi

dead leaf stalk

but inside the cocoon


and this likelihood

of a new life to come

after you

will I eVer loVe again

what madness

a cuckoo bird's sweet song

beyond your garden wall

alone now

watching a lifetime

of snowflakes

old friends and loVers

all fallen from grace

a mugginess

to the summertime air

like moist lips

inViting me in eVen

though you are sleeping

shining its way

through a leafy bough

the north star

eVen with no others

it's enough to find your way

funeral parlor

how many times I threatened

to abandon you

neVer thinking you might

not be indestructible

listening to rain

now that you'Ve left me

in bitter silence

why is it that without loVe

all sounds are unbearable

october crispness

mountain bluejays are back home

Visiting the pines

as if each cone of each tree

is another long lost friend