The astronrenga consists of 12 one-liners. Each link refers to a zodiac sign starting with Aries and proceeding in order until the last link in Pisces. The form was created by Alexis K. Rotella on March 19, 1997.


Things Unknown

by hortensia anderson and an'ya

impatiently he honks the horn   bright red Ferrari

almost dawn and still   the gander won't be quiet

doing her nails   she has two fights on two phones

a rose blooms in the cracked sidewalk   yet someone complains

making an entrance in a fur coat   at the local fast food joint

vegetable garden   mother plants perfectly straight rows

afternoon tea   trying to decide between china patterns

the tourist's back turned   something unknown crawls toward her

on a whim   horseback riding through Berber Territory in Morocco

paternal village   mountain goats follow a path to the sea

nearly dusk   he rushes to catch the skydivers meeting

fly casting   the fisherman's wife tells him how she would do it