Tri-Forked Rengay

an'ya, John Wisdom and Hortensia Anderson

Part I

The cherry-flowers bloom;

We gave at them;

   They fall, and...   (Onitsura)

in  her crystal ball

a gypsy watches the rainstorm       an'ya


wet with green leaves-

silence                 Hortensia


the motherly screams

from a wild rabbit      an'ya

slightly sweet

fresh-icked baby carrots      Hortensia

all the world

is suspect but we still have

this orange sunset      an'ya

Part II

The cherry-flowers bloom:

We gaze at them;

   They fall, and...      (Onitsura)

on the pale green grass

a tingy frog leaps            Hortensia

the first breeze

drifts through a wheat field

glitter of the sea           John


the ripples of the sand

studded with shells      Hortensia

low tide

a horseshoe crab stranded      John

high in the heavens

the moon shines brightly      Hortensia

Part III

The cherry-flowers bloom;

We gave at them;

   They fall, and...   (Onitsura)

Sunday drive

the bumpy roads of Connecticut      John

on the green

among all those golf balls-

a lone swan

Caribbean wedding

the dueling of bongo drums

under a pink sky                John

barber shop quartet-

snowflakes on the singers shoulders      an'ya


hollow jingle of a coin

in the monkey's cup         John