back is new aloneness

this morning

without you near to me

suffice the thrill of night


about our loVe

as if it all has been


foreVer in dance mode

are we but courting grebes


at rest from flight

a swallowtail's wings touch

together tight

as if this space between us

neVer before existed


myriad moons

of barnacles stuck

on dock pilings

the bond they create

there for a lifetime 


frosty cold

on an ocean boardwalk

at first blush

a sandhill crane afoot

in the tepid mudflats


dropping out

of neptune's fog to skim 

the ocean

under a skein of geese

so gurgles its surface




today we

memorized the sad news

you were gone

so in a sea dove’s beak

we send this flora wreath


(for Johnny Baranski)


safe harbor

in eVery sea squall

you are here

loVe  is a fender 

between boat and dock 


petrels abound 

oVer the seaport

a pearl gray sky

an ultimate perk

for loVers of rain 


 there's another

world exists for dewdrops

that to leaVes cling

and yet being in loVe

were we but this adept 


'twas an eVening

in winter we embraced

a neptune's wind

that made seagulls fly low

the flag on its pole stand high


rain or shine

you wait for me

eVery time

a flower bursts

into full bloom 


and you are mine

the sweetest sensation

time after time

a swallowtail curling

nectar into its mouth 



to walk a rainy beach

of loVe lost

just follow each pockmark

in the sand that leads home



painting the skyline

a hot pink

sunset to die for

this seaport eVening


spring wind 

blows a nodding blue


you’ll find me at home

in the wilderness 


twilit eVening

the undulation

of a seine net

how long it stretches

and deep it plunges


clouds aboVe

the breadth of combined

swallow wings

tilting and turning

a single shadow


waiting for

the whistle of our

old bamboo chime

windless nights without you

still leaVe me woebegone



in this arid desert


on eVery cacti spine

and each showy flower



of rainy eVenings spent

with an old flame

between thunder we count

our seconds together


O ocean storm

one sure sign that tells me

you are coming

in squalls and gusts until

gulls wing on high again 


a tempest

animating our world

with gusto

we loVe like the proVerb

there is no tomorrow


skyward ribbons

in watercolors rose

after the rain

a fan-tailed raVen wore

iridescent feathers


hard winter rain

falling with such Vigor

the night erased

a great blue heron’s prints

but brought yours back at dawn



from their maple parted

in early fall

on a long road cut short

came loVe out of the fog


pumpkin seeds

for next year's garden

spread to dry

until a dark cloud

burst without mercy 


nary a sound

in this sleepy harbor

instead came smell

the windy day perfume

of spring phytoplankton


white on the beak

of baby swallows

giVes them away

each time loVe returns

are we young again too