It is my great honor to share with you a collaboration between my dear

friend, the esteemed American composer, pedagogue, poet and pianist

Richard St Clair and myself. Turn up your computer volume, as well

as the YouTube volume. After clicking on the YouTube arrow, just

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11 Songs for Soprano and Piano Music by Richard St. Clair (2018) 


Songs of the Winter Sea

tanka by an'ya



whirling around
and around and around
many eddies
each its own entity
out to sea becomes one

strew these ashes
upon a sandy shore
in september
from whence I was the sea
shall recycle this soul

(shall recycle this soul)

the cold front air for me
is but a sign
that spring longs to break free
of february's shackles

a cold sea
sizzling and sparkling
with hailstones
from an ink-black cloud
spring haunts the horizon

(spring haunts the horizon)

on the final Voyage
of our liVes
so much more we know now
we knew not before loVe

(before love)

it found me 
eVen though the grayest
ocean skies
let a thousand raindrops
loVe was undauntable

(undauntable undauntable)


drifting in the ocean
a pair of loons
this couple to behold
in times of your absence

(in times of your absence)

so low a tide
the beachface empties
of eVerything
by your leaVe it is I
who shall suffer dearly
(suffer dearly)

an early spring
upon us has sprung
a loVely sky
on Valentine's day
crimson is its color

(crimson is its color is its color)

blowing by
a pencil-thin daymoon
ocean fog
but in this steady wind
my loVe is at anchor

(my love is at anchor my love is at anchor)
(at anchor at anchor)

how the sea
sparkles when you're away

(how the sea sparkles when you're away)
keeps me sane
enough to know that it
does more so when you're here

(when you're here when you're here)
(when you're here)